While the Sig Sauer P320 ASP is a fun plinker, it also serves well as a training pistol that you can use at home.

I happen to have a Sig Sauer P320 of the significantly louder variety. It's louder because it’s chambered in .357 Sig. If you’re not familiar with that caliber, think of a 9mm juiced up on steroids and Red Bull. I love the ergonomics of the pistol, primarily the rounded grip profile compared to the Glock and the more vertical grip angle. It's also more accurate than same-caliber P226, and P229 models and the trigger is pretty darn sweet for a factory gun. 

There is one problem. People in my household tend to frown upon the idea of me practicing at home with live ammo. Apparently, the deafening noise isn’t the only issue; those .357 Sig rounds are tough on the furniture. Yeah, I know, that’s kind of unreasonable, but I like to be considerate when I can. 

Enter the Sig Sauer P320 ASP

The Sig Sauer P320 ASP is a CO2-powered .117 caliber pellet pistol. It'll also shoot BBs if you like.

Guaranteed to be far more residence friendly than it’s centerfire counterpart, the Sig Sauer P320 ASP is a CO2-powered pellet and BB gun. It almost exactly mimics its centerfire cousin, and does in terms of exterior dimensions and feel. Being the same size and featuring the same forward rail, you can use the ASP with any holsters and rail-attached lights or lasers you may have. Make no mistake; it warrants all the rules of gun safety as it spits out .177 projectiles at speeds up to 430 feet per second according to the Sig Sauer folks. While eye protection is always a must, there’s no need for hearing protection, and if you set up in the garage or backyard, it’s unlikely that your pellets will penetrate exterior walls and annoy the neighbors.

he Ruger® Yukon Magnum is the perfect recipe for power and accuracy.  This gun is loaded with style, power, and features that will make it an indispensable tool for backyard fun or hunting. The Yukon Magnum is powered by the ReAxis gas-piston for plenty of power, smooth cocking, and reduced vibration when shooting.  The ReAxis piston launches .177 caliber pellets downrange at 1150 FPS and .22 caliber pellets at 950 FPS. The Yukon Magnum features a handsome wood stock with a rubber recoil pad on the butt and checkering on both the fore end and wrist.

Images of the Wild West come alive with the Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action Air Rifle from Umarex! The Legends Series of air guns brings to life the classic arms of the past backed by the quality standards and imagination that only Umarex delivers. Stylized after the Winchester Model 1894, this backyard-friendly quiet CO2 rifle resembles the rifle regarded by gun historians as the “ultimate lever-action design”.

Pay attention to this one. It's a regulated PCP rifle, availble in both .177 and .22 caliber. We had the opportunity to test it out at the 2018 SHOT Show and it looks to be a great shooter, especially considering the price. 

The Gamo URBAN PCP is a quiet, short, lightweight PCP .22 Caliber, it features a thumbhole synthetic stock, 10 shot repeater with bolt action, and a high precision hammer forged barrel. It features the quietest noise suppression technology from Gamo, the Whisper Fusion.

The Diana Skyhawk ia available in three different finishes including black/silver, Walnut, and laminate. The bullpup rifles feature 250 bar, or 6,250 psi, maximum pressure and can be ordered in .177, .22, and .25 calibers. The side lever action operates 11, nine, and eight pellet magazines for .177, .22, and .25 calibers respectively. Depending on caliber choice, the Skyhawk delivers maximum energy of 19, 32, or 38 foot-pounds. All models feature a 22-inch barrel in a 29-inch overall length package. 

Introducing the NS1000 imported exclusively by American Tactical. This patented multi-stage pump is a pre-charged air rifle system. With many innovative designs including a lever action bolt, patented high efficiency gas chamber (fires 25 shots at 800 fps or greater with 85 pumps or 17 shots at 900fps or greater with only 40 pumps), the NS1000 is chambered in either .22cal, or .177cal, and has a 250 BAR 3600 PSI pressure tank with an automatic overpressure air release. MSRP: $379.95

Destroyer pellets generate maximum expansion provided by its pentagon shaped head and powerful penetration by its central spike. It's available in .177 and .22 caliber. MSRP: $3.25

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AirForce Airguns has added a new member to the industry leading Texan Big Bore family of air rifles. The world’s most powerful production airgun is now available in a carbine length barrel.

The Texan Carbine has all of the features that its big brother does, but with an overall length of just 29 inches. Texan Carbine maintains all of the accuracy AirForce Airguns are known for in a compact package with serious punch.

Every air rifle that Air Arms create is designed to give each shooter the maximum amount of reliability and performance. With those goals in mind, Air Arms are thrilled to announce the latest addition to their extensive range of revolutionary rifles, the Ultimate Sporter XS.

Unveiled at the 2018 Shot Show in Las Vegas, the latest addition to the Air Arms catalogue has all the benefits of the standard Ultimate Sporter, plus the unparalleled power and consistency accessible from the all new regulated models.

Two years ago, Hatsan released its popular, hard-hitting Hercules PCP airgun. Available in six calibers and able to deliver an unprecedented accurate shot-count, the airgun was testament to Hatsan’s innovation.

Listening to its fans and the airgun community, Hatsan revisited the Hercules and is proud to announce the new Hercules Bully.

AirForce Airguns will be offering a new variable power valve cap kit for use with their improved High Flo valve system. The Ring-Loc system allows the shooter to control the airflow from the tank to vary the power.

The Ring-Loc kit includes 5 valve caps, 3 spare O-rings and the special wrenches needed to change the caps. One of the 5 caps is designed to allow the customer to drill the transfer port out to their preferred airflow setting. 

When it comes to PCP airguns, a barrier of entry tends to be associated with a daunting price tag. But in 2018, HatsanUSA will eviscerate the entry level barrier with its new Flash airgun line.

Weighing just under 6 pounds and delivering 40 foot-pounds of energy, the only thing “entry-level” about these airguns is the $299 price tag. In fact, the Flash features all of the hallmark standards expected from a Hatsan PCP airgun –including a Quattro two-stage adjustable trigger, a 22 and 11mm combination optics rail, built in pressure gauge and the patented QuietEnergy Sound Moderation System for noise reduction.

AirForce Airguns has taken their High-Flo valving system  and powered it up by as much as 10 percent in energy. The new energy levels will be available across the Condor, Escape, and TalonP product lines. 

Power levels of up to 105 foot pounds in .25 will be attainable . Added to AirForce’s reputation for extreme accuracy, these performance capabilities put AirForce Air Rifles in a category of their own. 

HatsanUSA’s new H-1911 may look like just another replica 1911, but as with most things from the company, there’s more here than what meets the eye.  

This is a semi-automatic, CO2-powered, pellet repeater features an innovative dual-rotary magazine, and has the capability to fire 60 premier match-grade pellets with velocities up to 435 FPS using a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge.

This week on Guns & Gear, we’re shooting Sig Sauer’s P320 air pistol, Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifles, the 10 and 10S .308 rifles from Stag Arms, Springfield Armory options for concealed carry, DoubleTap’s Colt ammunition, and the Calvin Elite 2-Stage Rem 700 trigger from Timney Triggers.

The Patented E-Pump™ air compressor is designed specifically for PCP airguns. This quiet, lightweight compressor is 4500 psi capable with a fully adjustable cut-off switch. The low current draw allows for 12vDC or 110/220AC operation.

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – On the weekend of January 11, Northwest Ohio was battered by a strong winter storm that brought with it slick ice, drifting snow and wind gusts up near 30 mph. It was the perfect weekend for a little marksmanship competition – that is, for the airgun athletes who traveled to Port Clinton, Ohio, for the 2018 Camp Perry Open. The participants fired in the 80-point electronic indoor air range located within the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center.

The Camp Perry Open is an air gun competition that combines both junior and adult competitors in shoulder-to-shoulder competition. A 3x20 junior match, featuring a qualification round and an elimination final, as well as an open 60 Shot air rifle and air pistol event for both adults and juniors make up the weekend schedule, along with the Open’s famous Super Final.

The air rifle portion of the camp will take place at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center on OpticScore system targets.

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has revamped the Junior Smallbore and Air Rifle Camp traditionally held during the National Matches at Camp Perry, offering an evolved set of intermediate and advanced skills training to junior marksmanship athletes.

Now overseen entirely by the CMP, the six-day CMP National Matches Junior Camp, Smallbore & Air Rifle, is open to three-position smallbore and standing/international precision air rifle juniors between the ages of 12 and 20. Athletes must be currently involved in competitive smallbore and air rifle settings in order to participate. 

Imperial, MO – The Student Air Rifle Program (SAR) is thrilled to expand to Iowa with a sustainable grassroots partnership.

“County Conservation Boards in Iowa, specifically Polk County Conservation, received a REAP-CEP grant to coordinate and offer SAR as part of community programming at the county level”, noted Lewis Major, Naturalist with Polk County Conservation.

The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission voted unanimously to approve the use of big bore PCP air guns such as the .357 Caliber Benjamin™ Bulldog and the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow™ for harvesting deer and turkey starting in the Fall of 2018. The rule change will allow for lawful use of .30 caliber and above for deer and .20 caliber or larger for turkey.

Florida joins a growing list of states allowing for the use of big bore airguns and/or the Airbow during their hunting seasons. Arizona, Virginia, Missouri, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Washington State allow big game animals to be legally taken with the Airbow. Feral hogs can be taken in Georgia, Florida and Texas while coyotes and other predators may be hunted with the Airbow in over 30 states. Georgia and South Carolina allow the Airbow to be used for alligator hunting.

Crosman Corporation, a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of airguns, archery products, optics, and related accessories, announced today that the acquisition of the Commercial business of LaserMax, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of gun mounted laser aiming devices.

Crosman Corporation announced that Kurt Worden has joined the company as Director of Sales for LaserMax Products. Kurt is a seasoned sales and marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in servicing customers and driving organizational revenue growth. 

The AirForce group of companies which includes AirForce International and BKL Technologies is excited the announce the addition of the Rapid Air Weapons and Theoben brands to the lineup.

Rapid Air Weapons(RAW) has established itself as the premier manufacturer of high performance airguns in the US. The company is well known to airgun shooters demanding world ranked performance in field target and benchrest competitions. Hunters looking for refinement, reliability, and extreme accuracy are lining up to add a RAW air rifle to their collection.

The Board of Directors of the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance (YSSA) voted recently to approve four new members at its annual SHOT Show meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shirley Stefan, Mike Vrooman, Kevin Renwick and Drew Herbst were added to the board to continue the mission of providing quality shooting equipment to youth programs across the country.

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