Product Look: AirForce Airguns E-Pump Compressor
May 10, 2018


The Patented E-Pump™ air compressor is designed specifically for PCP airguns. This quiet, lightweight compressor is 4500 psi capable with a fully adjustable cut-off switch. The low current draw allows for 12vDC or 110/220AC operation. Weighing only 40lbs this compressor is portable and allows for use at home from a standard wall outlet or in the field from a 12 volt car battery. It is so quiet, you can barely hear it operating in the same room. No oil or water is needed as this pump generates little to no heat.

  • Weight: 40 LBS
  • Operating Voltage: 110/220 VAC or 12VDC
  • Max Fill Pressure: 4500psi
  • Average AC Current: 0.7 Amps
  • Average DC Current: 3.2 Amps
  • Finish: Black

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